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Thursday, December 29, 2016

John Kerry

John Kerry deserves only one compliment. He has a stentorian speaking voice, making his incoherent and ill-informed "farewell speech" sound impressive and meaningful. It. Was. Neither.

Kerry lectured Israel on the need for a two-state solution. He attacked Bibi Netanyahu, exemplifying the classless manner in which the Obama administration treats the leader of the only liberal democracy in a chaotic Middle East—in large part because of the policies of Obama and Kerry. Let me offer a simile:
Israel being lectured by John Kerry on what's right in the Middle East is like the owner of a pristine car being lectured on safe driving by someone who just drove the car off a cliff.
Kerry had the unmitigated gall to suggest that "Israel can be either a Jewish state or a democracy, but not both." Really? That's odd because Israel is a Jewish state that welcomes all other religions and people and is also a democracy, unlike any other Muslim country in the region.

Kerry argued that the settlements were the primary road block to peace. What dishonest nonsense! In fact, if you think about it for half a second, why do the "settlements" (which are actually apartment complexes and housing) matter at all? The Wall Street Journal writes:
The lesson is that Jewish settlements are not the main obstacle to peace. If they were, Gaza would be on its way to becoming the Costa Rica of the Mediterranean. The obstacle is Palestinian rejection of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state in any borders. A Secretary of State who wishes to resolve the conflict could have started from that premise, while admonishing the Palestinians that they will never get a state so long as its primary purpose is the destruction of its neighbor.
The WSJ is absolutely correct, but Obama and Kerry think that somehow the corrupt, incompetent, and virulently anti-Semitic leadership of the Palestinians will sit down and sing Kumbayah if only the "settlements" stop. That's's B.S.—there's no nice way to say.

But let's assume that a peace settlement is reached and some of the outer construction falls inside the boundaries of a new palestinian state. The jewish residents might decide to live in a peaceful palestine, right.

No. Actually, you'd be wrong, they would be ejected (if they were lucky)or murdered otherwise. At the least, the palestinians want no Jews in their "state." Of course, this is no surprise in that Muslim countries throughout the region are essentially Judenrein.

But in truth, the palestinians don't want any Jewish state at all—they want Israel to disappear. That's not an opinion, it's a hard, cold fact backed by palestinian founding documents, their on-going rhetoric, and their everyday attacks on israel's civilian population. Of course, Obama and Kerry and the rest of the Leftist anti-Israel crowd choose to ignore that reality and lecture Israel on its "obligations."

Like Obama, Kerry will be gone in 22 days. Good riddance to them both.

I rarely include video rants on this blog, but this one is worth a look. By the way, I agree with Every. Single. Word.