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Thursday, December 08, 2016

The Dakota Pipeline

The media is on the warpath (yeah, that is a foreshadowing pun) about "fake news." Interesting, then, that most of what has been reported about the Dakota Access Pipeline is fake. The land grab, the climate impact, the danger it poses to ground water—all 'fake.'

The trained hamsters in the main stream media never met a left-leaning activist they didn't like, never dismissed concerns about "climate justice," even when those concerns are outright bogus, and never-ever take any side but the one taken by minority populations who are viewed as perpetual victims. All three characteristics—activism, climate justice, and the ultimate minority (Native Americans)—come into play when reporting on the pipeline occurs. Most of that reporting is "fake news" but of course, the kind of fake news that the MSM applauds.

Kevin Cramer writes:
Escalating tensions were temporarily defused Sunday when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, at the direction of the Obama administration, announced it would refuse to grant the final permit needed to complete the $3.8 billion project. The pipeline, which runs nearly 1,200 miles from the Bakken Shale in North Dakota to Illinois, is nearly complete except for a small section where it needs to pass under the Missouri River. Denying the permit for that construction only punts the issue to next month—to a new president who won’t thumb his nose at the rule of law.
But maybe the Native American and environmental activists had a point and their use of environmental and cultural "blocking" techniques was justified? Uhhh ... no.

Cramer explains:
This isn’t about tribal rights or protecting cultural resources. The pipeline does not cross any land owned by the Standing Rock Sioux. The land under discussion belongs to private owners and the federal government. To suggest that the Standing Rock tribe has the legal ability to block the pipeline is to turn America’s property rights upside down.

Two federal courts have rejected claims that the tribe wasn’t consulted. The project’s developer and the Army Corps made dozens of overtures to the Standing Rock Sioux over more than two years. Often these attempts were ignored or rejected, with the message that the tribe would only accept termination of the project.

Other tribes and parties did participate in the process. More than 50 tribes were consulted, and their concerns resulted in 140 adjustments to the pipeline’s route. The project’s developer and the Army Corps were clearly concerned about protecting tribal artifacts and cultural sites. Any claim otherwise is unsupported by the record ...

This isn’t about water protection. Years before the pipeline was announced, the tribe was working with the Bureau of Reclamation and the Army Corps to relocate its drinking-water intake. The new site sits roughly 70 miles downstream of where the pipeline is slated to cross the Missouri River. Notably, the new intake, according to the Bureau of Reclamation, will be 1.6 miles downstream of an elevated railroad bridge that carries tanker cars carrying crude oil.

Further, the pipeline will be installed about 100 feet below the riverbed. Automatic shut-off valves will be employed on either side of the river, and the pipeline will be constructed to exceed many federal safety requirements.

Other pipelines carrying oil, gas and refined products already cross the Missouri River at least a dozen times upstream of the tribe’s intake ...

This isn’t about the climate. The oil that will be shipped through the pipeline is already being produced. But right now it is transported in more carbon-intensive ways, such as by railroad or long-haul tanker truck. So trying to thwart the pipeline to reduce greenhouse gas could have the opposite effect.

So what is the pipeline dispute really about? Political expediency in a White House that does not see itself as being bound by the rule of law. The Obama administration has decided to build a political legacy rather than lead the country. It is facilitating an illegal occupation that has grown wildly out of control. That the economy depends on a consistent and predictable permitting regime seems never to have crossed the president’s mind.
Gee ... in just a few short paragraphs, Cramer provides interesting context. But because that context blows up the media's tired leftist narrative, it is conveniently omitted from virtually every media report. Tell me again about "fake news."