The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Friday, April 14, 2017


Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, is giving a commencement speech at Notre Dame University. Some of its left-wing students have decided that Pence's presence at the university makes them "unsafe." Seriously? In yet another meaningless gesture of their concern, the students have created a hashtag, #NotMyCommencementSpeaker, to, I suppose,  speak truth to power.

We'll briefly explore the irony and the idiocy of their position. But before we do, a comment: It's reasonable to cut young people a lot of slack. They have almost no experience in the world. Often have never held a real job of any consequence. Have been propagandized to accept a specific worldview through most of their schooling. Have never been trained in critical thinking. And are by their nature, idealists who are not grounded in reality. But still. Unsafe?!

Let's consider four short examples of what it is to be unsafe.

Young people in Chicago have every right to feel unsafe. The murder rate is horrendous and the police, try as they might, cannot adequately protect them from the thugs and gang members who murder innocents. It's worth mentioning that the snowfakes who tell us they feel unsafe because of a Pence visit are the same left-wing ideologues who tell us that the police are racist. So the police, who try to protect people who legitimately feel unsafe, are to be condemned and the young people of Chicago ... well ... its all about a racist society, right?

Young people who live in Israel have every right to feel unsafe. The Islamic terror group, Hamas, regularly launches rockets from Gaza into Israeli civilian areas, targeting hospitals and schools and forcing children into bomb shelters. It's worth mentioning that the snowflakes who tell us they feel unsafe because of a Pence visit are the same left-wing ideologues who wear Kaffeyahs to express solidarity with the oppressed "palestinian people." So the young people of Israel who legitimately feel unsafe are to be condemned as "oppressors" and a terrorist group is given a pass, because —"oppression."

Citizens on our southern borders have a right to feel unsafe. Although most illegal immigrants mean us no harm, there is a small percentage that come across the border for criminal activities. Mexican gang violence has spread across the border and occasionally results in unsafe situations for American citizen in border cities. It's worth mentioning that the snowflakes who tell us they feel unsafe because of a Pence visit are the same left-wing ideologues who suggest that any attempt to remove criminal illegal aliens is inhumane and must be resisted. So American citizens of all races who legitimately feel unsafe because they might get caught in a gang war between M-13 and another Mexican cartel gang on the streets of Laredo are forgotten because criminal aliens must be given 'sanctuary.'

Gay people and women in many Muslim countries live under the oppressive dictates of sharia law and have every right to feel unsafe. Gay people are often murdered, tortured, or imprisoned for being gay and many Muslim women suffer from a level of oppression that is closer to the 7th century than the 21st. It's worth mentioning that the snowflakes who tell us they feel unsafe because of a Pence visit are the same left-wing ideologues who never seem to criticize Islam for its oppressive attitudes toward gay people and women because—multiculturalism. So Muslim gay people and women are condemned to life of oppression while the snowflakes express ambivalence or worse, solidarity, with a religion (actually, an ideology) that oppresses them.

The snowflakes at Notre Dame and other institutions of higher learning appear to be intellectually incapable of recognizing the irony of their position. A speech by Mike Pence might delve into topics they disagree with; it might even challenge their established wisdom, but the mere suggestion that a speech might make them feel "unsafe" is idiotic. They beclown themselves and the University that they attend.

Snowflakes at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh are upset about an "unsafe" environment caused by Chick-fil-A, which is coming to the food court at the University. They want the fast food purveyor banned. I personally disagree with a number of social positions taken by the owners of Chick-fil-A, but banning them from the University seems a bit extreme.

There's an easy way for snowflakes and others to indicate that they find the fast food chain's social positions objectionable. Don't patronize Chick-fil-A. If enough of their fellow students agree, Chick-fil-A will decide that Duquesne University is not the place for them.

Because snowflakes have been indoctrinated into left-wing thinking, it may not have occurred to them that free market capitalism provides consumers with the inalienable right to protest any business. You do it with your patronage and with your wallet.