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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Shame on Them

The Democrats, having recovered from the shock that their guy, Robert Mueller, exonerated Donald Trump on the charge of "Russian collusion," have collectively decided to double down. They don't care about the damage this "witch hunt" continues to do to the nation or the paralysis it causes in governance, they MUST get Trump, by any means necessary. They bluster about the ease with which they'll defeat him in 2020, but their actions belie their bluster. If they were so sure of themselves, they'd move on, but instead, they fully intend to put the country through another two years of phony allegations and political posturing.

With phony righteous indignation, the Dems now demand the "full report," so that they can parse it, syllable by syllable, to find "evidence" that Trump colluded or obstructed justice or ... whatever. They'll accuse AG William Barr of conspiracy when he redacts information from the report as required by law. They'll allege (falsely, I might add) that hidden behind the redactions is the "proof" they know exists and that they were right all along. They were wrong all along, but Trump Derangement Syndrome is a powerful force that dulls the intellect, clouds judgement, and heightens the emotions to the extent that people act crazy. The Dems are acting crazy.

But if "crazy" was the only characteristic that they exhibited, the rest of us could smile and shake our heads. The Dems are also acting viciously, unconcerned about destroying people who get in the way of their collusion/obstruction narrative. Their trained hamsters in the media (more partisan than ever because they have been proven to be unprofessional frauds who promulgate fake news) would never call any Dem on anything. That's why an inveterate liar like Rep. Adam Schiff continues to get air time. Not because he is anything but a liar, but because the trained hamsters don't care.

Yet, rational voices among the GOP counsel everyone to "move on." To let go of this insanity for the good of the country.

As I noted in a pervious post—not just yet.

It's time now to investigate the investigators. There was a real conspiracy, proven with real evidence, and conducted by real government officials with real names and positions, often substantiated by their own words (in texts) and testimony (before Congress). The conspiracy began in the Obama administration and was initiated by senior Democrat politicians and senior government officials in the FBI and intelligence community who were sympathetic to their cause. A comprehensive discussion and report of the conspiracy (very long, but excellent), noting timelines, evidence, and perpetrators can be found at "The Inside Story of Spygate."

Richard Fernandez comments on this when he writes:
Now that the shoe is on the other foot, one can make the equivalent argument that a probe against Obama officials would be just as much "a good faith attempt to investigate a credible charge" as the Mueller investigation. But one should not deceive oneself into not realizing that the ultimate targets of such a course would be Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Such a turnabout would not end the crisis which began in the waning days of the Obama administration, it would only change its direction. And then some other king would lie on the political floor and the whole point of a peaceful transition of power which "is to prevent a clash between kings" would still be in ruins. Perhaps this is why Karl Rove is urging Trump, having won the round, to move on; for by considering the affair closed, Trump could restore the tradition of comity, which has been damaged.

Or could he? In the current political culture, magnanimity is unlikely to be met with gratitude, unless the words are spat out with irony. Passions are high and neither side appears willing to give an inch. It may take time before an extended hand is not met by a punch. The fever must still run its course. One can only hope the fever breaks before the patient does.
Two years ago, the Dems crossed a line, refused to accept the results of an election and as a consequence, precipitated chaos and division. For all they claim about Donald Trump's incivility and for all they argue that he is a "threat to democracy," in actuality their incivility and their resultant actions and words threaten our republic in a way that Donald Trump could never achieve. Shame on them.