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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

The Nuke Document Heist

Sometimes, it's hard not to nod and smile at the sometimes amazing accomplishments of Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence agency. First, they were instrumental in developing and then placing the Stuxnet virus into Iranian centrifuges, an amazing hack that crippled their nuclear development program for a time and causing the Mullahs great embarrassment. Now, it the great Iran document heist — Israeli intelligence snuck into an Iranian storage center and removed the equivalent of 100,000 documents that prove conclusively that Iran lied to the world and to Barack Obama's Team of 2s as they negotiated the infamous and disastrous Iran Deal.

John Bacon reports:
Tens of thousands of secret files and other evidence proves the 2015 Iran nuclear deal is "based on lies and Iranian deception" and should be thrown out, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday.

Netanyahu, in an address televised across Israel, said Iran lied when it said it never sought to develop nuclear weapons, then cheated by failing to reveal all its weapons program information to an international watchdog group charged with monitoring the deal.

"Even after the deal was made, Iran continued to preserve and expand its nuclear know-how for use at a later date," Netanyahu said.

President Trump has said he will announce within the next two weeks the fate of the deal. He has repeatedly blasted the pact, demanding that changes be made to tighten rules governing Iran.

Trump, speaking at a White House news conference minutes after Netanyahu spoke, expressed solidarity with the Israeli leader. He also would not dismiss the possibility of negotiating a new deal — an option Iran has flatly rejected.
Even more important than the documents that prove Iran's dishonesty and duplicity, the theft is a significant psychological blow to Iran. If the Israelis can get into a storage facility, through secure firewalls and physical security and steal 100,000 documents, what else can they do? The Mullahs must be looking over their shoulders as I write this.

Today, the prevailing talking point among Democrats is that the Iran deal "is not perfect," but can be tweaked to make it better. That's like saying that a first heart attack did not kill the patient, so the victim should try to have another so we can be absolutely sure its survivable.

I have always believed that the Iran deal is bad policy. It accomplished little that is meaningful, is virtually unverifiable and unenforcable, provided Iran with billions to spend on fomenting terror and instability in the Middle East, and should be jettisoned for something with teeth. We'll see if that happens, but Donald Trump is not wrong in his criticism of one his predecessor's worst foreign policy mistakes.