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Monday, November 12, 2018

Under Threat

Florida is a big state with 67 counties and almost 21 million people. Sixty-five of those countries reported their election results in a timely manner, following the law in every respect. Only two, both predominantly Democratic strongholds, did not report their results as mandated by the law and are now "finding" votes that were never reported in the overall vote count. Curious, isn't it?

Over the past two years, Democrats have become hysterical over the notion that Russian trolls and bots conducted a disinformation campaign on social media that they claim (with absolutely no evidence) was coordinated with the Trump campaign and led to the defeat of Hillary Clinton. The Dems tell us that never, ever, ever should non-citizens do anything to affect election results. Odd, then, that prominent Democrat lawyers, representing losing senatorial and gubernatorial candidates Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum, have implicitly argued in open court that votes cast by non-citizens in either Broward or Palm Beach counties should be counted as valid votes.

Here's the court transcript:

So ... a misleading or dishonest post on twitter by a non-citizen is a national catastrophe, but an actual vote by a non-citizen is perfectly okay as long as that vote has been cast for a Democrat. Incredible!

D.C. McCallister writes:
The canvassing board was tasked with reviewing ballots after irregularities were reported in Broward and Palm Beach counties. As of Friday afternoon these were the only two counties in Florida that hadn’t completed counting absentee votes. Broward had also failed to report early voting ballots, which is a violation of state law that requires local canvassing boards to report all early voting and absentee results to the state within 30 minutes after the polls close.

When tabulating the votes on election night, Broward County’s results showed significantly fewer votes than other races on the ballot—25,000. Over the next several days, election officials scrambled to add early in-person votes and absentee ballots to the count. This increased numbers for the Democrats, moving the races into recount margins.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio accused the Broward County elections office of blatantly violating state law. “No early votes have been case since Sunday,” he tweeted. “They had 2 days to tabulate them & submit to the state by 7:30 p.m. Tuesday as required by law. Yet as of latest update these are only partially completed.”

Barnett promised that Republicans are closely monitoring the recount as the canvassing boards review the ballots. “We want to make sure the Democrats don’t steal this election,” he said. “They’re trying everything they can to win even if it’s illegal.”
What is most astonishing is the brazen manner in which this is occurring. It's almost as if the Democrats know they will will not be held accountable for illegality; that the media, reporting events as if they were watching a local pie eating contest, will not do any investigation that might hurt the Dem's case, and that past history (think: the 2008 election in Minnesota that allowed Al Franken to steal an election he lost) is on their side.

The Dems are quite fond of telling us all that ever since 2016, "our democracy is under threat." Sure is ... and their blatant attempt to steal two more elections proves it.