The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Monday, November 05, 2018


Here's a prediction that may or may not come true on Wednesday morning, after the results of the mid-term election are known. The Democrats win the House by a relatively small margin. They lose seats in the Senate. They and their trained hamsters in the media claim that a great victory—A Blue Wave—happened as predicted even though their margin of victory is underwhelming; that the election results (despite the historical likelihood that the opposition party will win) are a clear and utter repudiation of Donald Trump and his policies; that the forces of sweetness and light beat back the forces of darkness (the 'deplorables'); that Trump has lost his power to lead, and that he'll be a sitting duck in 2020, and finally ...

That all Americans should now follow the lead of the forces of sweetness and light, drop all of the incivility that was, of course, solely attributable to the deplorables (the Kavenaugh cesspool has already been erased from history), and work toward "unity."

To me, "unity" means compromise—give and take, seeing the other side's point of view. But that's not how the Washington establishment—the elites—see "unity." Firebrand Kurt Schlichter defines the term from the point of view of a deplorable:
... what’s supposed to bring us together in this glorious frenzy of united unity is our relinquishment of our bad attitude, the uppity urge that leads us to embrace disruptors like Donald Trump and reject the hierarchy our betters desperately seek to reestablish – with themselves at the top and us toiling down below.

Don’t call it unity. Call it “unity.”

“Unity” means rejecting mean old Trump and his feisty ilk and re-embracing reasonable, rational, submissive GOP puffballs like Jeb! and Mitt. You know, Classic Republicans who understand their job is to lose like gentlemen and to talk bad about us members of the uncouth GOP base to their liberal buddies at cocktail parties.
Look ... there is a lot to be said for unity, but not when the person that uses the word actually means "capitulation." Over the past two years, we've seen Trump Derangement Syndrome as the polar opposite of "unity" — a collective tantrum by Democrats and their media hamsters because their candidate didn't win in 2016.

If my prediction holds and the Dems "blue wave" prevails, maybe it should be them who make the first move toward "unity," say, by coming together with the GOP on immigration reform or working with the GOP on viable healthcare legislation.

Nah ... that's not the kind of "unity" that Dems and their media hamsters are suggesting.