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Thursday, April 04, 2019

Witch Hunts all the Way Down

The witch hunt hasn't stopped, and it never will. Now that the head "independent" witch hunter, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, has concluded that there was no Russian collusion involving Donald Trump or any members of his administration, and that there was no indictable evidence of obstruction for a crime that did not happen, he has been replaced by witch hunters that are less reliable, far more partisan and, frankly, ethically defective. The Democrats' witch hunters, inveterate liar Adam Schiff and bloviating hypocrite, Gerald Nadler, are issuing subpoenas telling us that they need to "determine the truth for the American public." What B.S.! In their search for black pointy hats that they see in their fever dreams of unseating Trump, they disgrace House oversight of the executive, using a combination of innuendo, harassment, and bad faith to make daily headlines.

Now, the chief trained hamster in the media—The New York Times—tells us that "unnamed sources" in the DoJ feel that AG William Barr's summary of the Mueller Report is incorrect and that the entire report is "damaging" to Trump. That would be the same unnamed sources who over the past two years leaked "bombshells" to the NYT that were all proven FALSE. Or maybe it's the remaining dregs of the DoJ cabal that tried to conduct a soft coup to unseat a duly elected president. Or maybe it's "journalists" at the NYT itself, most suffering from severe cases of TDS, who never heard an unsubstantiated rumor they didn't like, as long as it reflected badly on Donald Trump.

Now the Dems, clearly trolling the Mueller Report, predictably demand what they know they can't have (it's against the law to release Grand Jury testimony and intelligence sources and methods without a court order)—an un-redacted report. Their intent is to drag as many people through the mud as possible, destroying lives as they go (think: General Michael Flynn). More importantly, they want to keep the witch hunt alive right through the 2020 election—political civility and the effective governance be damned.

The editor's of the Wall Street Journal, although not enamored of Trump, have remained grown-ups throughout all of this. They write:
Mr. Barr should release as much of the report as possible, and on close calls he should side with public disclosure. But no one should think that Democrats are really worried about a coverup. They want to see an unredacted version before the public does so they can leak selected bits that allow them to use friendly media outlets to claim there really was collusion, or to tarnish Trump officials.

The nation is entitled to the Mueller facts in their proper context, not to selective leaks from Democrats trying to revive their dashed hopes of a collusion narrative that the Mueller probe found doesn’t exist.
Collusion didn't work, obstruction is absurd. So now it on to a"coverup."

In recent days, the Dems have been making allusions to Watergate. Watergate was precipitated by actual evidence of a crime, by hard testimony of wrongdoing, and most important, by bi-partisan concern over wrongdoing by a president. It involved a coverup coordinated by a president. None of that exists today. This has been, and continues to be, a witch hunt.


Roger Simon has a unique take on all of this, suggesting that demands for the "full report" may backfire on the Dems:
The full text of the Mueller report is a booby-trap for the Democrats. And many of them not named Schiff must know or suspect it.

Sure there will be one or two tidbits to keep the heavy breathers at CNN distracted as their ratings continue to fall through the basement, but largely the report will be four hundred pages demonstrating what we all now know did not happen — i. e. collusion between Trump or anyone on his campaign and the Russians (not that we didn't know that over a year ago).

The natural question will then be — what was all this for? Cui bono? A full airing of the report, what Nadler claims he wants, will instead "open the door," as they say in court, more than ever for an investigation of why this probe was launched in the first place, by whom and for what reason. The results of that investigation will be quite scary, if not humiliating, for Democrats because they will lead close to, if not over, their highest doorstep — the portals of the Oval Office during the previous administration.

Over the next few months we will be seeing the fight of our political lives to keep that threshold from being crossed. The skirmish over the report is but a relatively tame preamble. Nadler has to be very careful not to anger Barr too much because the attorney general has within his control the ability to appoint a special counsel and make life miserable for the Democratic Party straight to the election of 2020 and beyond.
The Dems have succeeded in the sense that they have created political chaos that has buried the current President's many actual accomplishments (just today, it was announced that jobless claims have dropped to a 49-year low!) But the Dems' "success" may yet be bitter as the true motivations for and actors behind the 2-year witch hunt come to light.

UPDATE (4/5/2019):

Kim Strassel, who has done more stellar journalism (worthy of a Pulitzer prize she'll never get from the trained hamsters) during this collusion hoax that any other reporter, comments on the latest delusion (the "cover-up") that the Democrats are trying to sell:
The only surprising thing about the new “coverup” accusation against Attorney General William Barr is that it took it two weeks to get there. The question is whether Republicans fall for this naked effort to revive the collusion-and-obstruction narrative.

Democrats and the media are still smarting over special counsel Robert Mueller’s no-collusion findings, but their “coverup” fallback has its advantages. They can claim Mr. Barr’s four-page summary of the report is a sham, that he’s hiding the real truth. That’s nonsense, but it allows them to continue stoking Trump-Russia collusion fantasies.

It also aids the Democrats in their larger goal: getting their hands on a fully unredacted report, along with its underlying documentation, before the public can see it. That way, they could plumb the voluminous documentation for more wild allegations and personal smears—and leak away.
There appears to be no bottom. The Dems will sink lower and lower in their effort to unseat this president.