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Thursday, December 19, 2019

False x 6

As I watched (albeit briefly, because one can only take so much sanctimonious B.S.) the impeachment "debate" on the House floor, I thought back to an earlier time in my life when I was asked to become an expert advisor in a major legal case between the Government of Canada and a major contractor to the government. Tens of millions of dollars were involved and the case was to be mediated by a retired Supreme Court Justice of Canada. He asked me to participate in all hearings, to review boxes and boxes of evidentiary material, and (much to my amazement) suggested that I ask questions from the bench as we heard two high priced legal teams (literally dozens of lawyers on each side) present their arguments.

I was nervous before the first hearing and the Justice pulled me aside.

"Roger," he said, "The Plaintiff has experienced lawyers who will present their case in a compelling way. You'll be convinced of the rightness of their arguments."

I nodded and said nothing, looking a little confused.

He smiled and continued, "The Defendant also has experienced lawyers who will present their case in a compelling way. You'll then be convinced in the rightness of their arguments."

He paused for effect. "But they both can't be right. It's our job to sort through who is right and who is wrong and come to a just decision."

As I watched a parade of Democrat members of congress tell me that the impeachment of Donald Trump is all about "protecting the constitution," I thought back to the Justice's advice and asked myself to consider the Democrats' record of veracity during the Trump era.
  • They told me that Trump colluded with the Russians, yet their own special counsel indicated that no evidence of collusion could be found after two years of looking. Their allegation was false.
  • Their investigative leader told me that he had conclusive evidence of collusion, yet he never produced it. His claim was false.
  • The Dems told me that Trump obstructed justice, yet their special counsel completed his investigation without incident. Their claim was false.
  • They told me that firing James Comey was an abuse of power and likely obstruction of justice, but a recent IG investigation has proven that Comey was at best derelict in his leadership and at worst, a liar and co-conspirator in an attempt to unseat a duly elected president. The Dems' allegation was false.
  • They told me that Rep. Devin Nunes was a conspiracy theorist when he presented evidence of the Crossfire Hurricane scandal in 2018. They further called any suggestion that the FBI was complicit in actions against Trump a "hoax." Yet again, their claims were proven false by the FBI's Inspector general.
  • They refused to address the allegations that the Bidens were involved in corrupt practices in the Ukraine, stating that they had been "cleared of wrongdoing." That statement is false.
False. False. False. False. False. and ... False.

And now they tell me that Trump abuses his presidential power because he asks for (but did not get) an investigation into corruption in a country known for it, and that he obstructed justice by suggesting that the courts must decide whether executive privilege applies in this impeachment inquiry?

Then I listened to the GOP Congressmen and women tell me all of the Dem claims were a sham and that the impeachment would do great harm to politics for decades to come.

Finally, I thought back to the words of the Canadian Justice, "... they both can't be right. It's [my] job to sort through who is right and who is wrong and come to a just decision.

False x 6 = WRONG.

The Democrats have poisoned their veracity with major falsehood after major falsehood promulgated knowingly and repeatedly over more than three years. There is no reason whatsoever to believe them now.


Now that the Dems have fed their Trump Derangement Syndrome monster and voted to impeach, their leader, Nancy Pelosi, takes Chutzpa to an even higher level. Dressed in black (as if to mourn the state of the nation), she tells us she'll delay sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate because, "The GOP cannot be unbiased judges in the impeachment trial." Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. The Dems continue to beclown themselves in ways that should make you laugh.