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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Cul de Sac

Up until this week, there was an aggressive effort by members of Team Apocalypse to keep the country closed down.  At the same time that their arguments became more and more strident (e.g., "You want to kill grandma if you advocate re-opening), members of the team began to have trouble reconciling their close-it-down position when the shutdown put tens of millions out of work, increased the number of homeless by 30 to 40 percent, shuttered tens of thousands of small businesses permanently, and otherwise wreaked havoc on the economy.  

As members of Team Apocalypse—most of whom are Democrats and their media flunkies—initiated their effort to destroy the economy, I had the temerity to suggest the following way back in mid-April:
To enhance their plausible deniability (more on what they're denying in a moment), the Dems and their hamsters cluck their tongues expressing "real concern" over the now 26 million people who have been thrown out of their jobs by government edict. But the Dems' adamant position on keeping the country locked down implies that those people just have to suck it up because it's all about "saving lives," right? Until the last few days, the Dems and their hamsters rarely mentioned the "lives" that assuredly will be ruined by economic collapse, not to mention the lives that will be lost because elective surgery has not been done and medical diagnostics have been delayed egregiously. The drumbeat to keep the nation shut down is as constant as it is patently irresponsible. And please ... spare me sage quotes from Dr. Fauci, whose single minded focus on the epidemic is laudable, but doesn't consider other aspects of the problem that may actually be more damaging that the virus itself ...

It's true that few are willing to make an obvious accusation knowing it will elicit anger and be vigorously denied, but through their actions, at least a few Democratic leaders and most of their trained hamsters are showing all the signs of wanting the national shutdown to continue until we enter an actual depression. Obviously, they would be outraged by that claim, but there's plenty of circumstantial evidence to justify it.

Enter Kurt Schlichter, never known for pulling his punches. His comments might be over-the top, but there's an underlying truth in what he writes:
... the Chinese coronavirus was a dream come true, a deus ex pangolin that finally, after an endless series of leaks, impeachments, investigations, and media meltdowns, might be the magic bullet that actually takes Trump down.

Am I saying that the Democrats are exploiting the pandemic for their own cheesy advantage? Well, yeah. Everything they are doing is consistent with that. Everything. No, in the abstract, many of them would probably not prefer that tens of thousands of Americans die ..., but their attitude seems to be that if life gives you tens of thousands of dead Americans, make political lemonade. 

And upon reading this there will be lib blue check and Fredocon sissies huffing n’ puffing because I dared point out this manifest truth, so allow me to recommend that those who are upset go soothe themselves with a nice bowl of artisanal chocolate ice cream [link added], which I am reliably informed makes everything better. Absolutely no one believes the Democrats are not going to wring from this black swan all the droppings they can squeeze out onto President Trump ...
In general, the Dems always let their trained hamsters in the media do their dirty work. In this case the hamsters demand more and more testing for counties that often have fewer than 3 or 4 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents. And when testing is no longer an issue (soon), they'll demand a vaccine before re-opening can be "safe," even though any vaccine many months away.
At the time I wrote this, I thought that the Dems had a winning political strategy, but they've become so blatantly obvious in their effort to ruin the economy, they may be headed for a dead end and I suspect they're beginning to realize exactly that. The anti-Trump #Resistance allowed widespread Trump Derangement Syndrome to morph into the anti-re-opening #Resistance. Conrad Black comments:
The Democrats attacked the president for not taking [COVID-19] seriously, attacked him for blaming China, gave him no credit for cleaning up in a couple of weeks the utter decrepitude of the emergency medical response system bequeathed to him by Obama, give him no credit for “flattening the curve,” and are now proposing endless testing and the impossible elimination of the virus, while tens of millions more people are thrown out of work and the Congress authorizes trillions more of borrowed dollars to pay the victims of the shut-down they wish to extend to the election.

It is a fatuous policy that will blow up.
If enough people recognize that Team Apocalypse (a.k.a. the Dems) was perfectly willing to play fast and loose with their lives and their livelihoods, put them into debt, put their jobs and homes in jeopardy, refuse to allow their kids to attend school, establish an atmosphere that dissuades people from getting much needed "elective" medical care, and arbitrarily impose on their freedoms, the road the Dems have chosen may become a cul de sac with a very large wall at its end. 

As the Dems speed down the cul de sac with their trained media hamsters at the wheel, they just might miscalculate and hit the wall—hard. Their hopes for a power grab in November could be totaled as a result. One can only hope.