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Friday, May 15, 2020

The Piece of Schiff Rule

Over the past three years I have written that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is without question, the most predictably dishonest, relentlessly hyperpartisan, monotonously vicious, and laughably inept of any member of Congress, Dem or GOP, since Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s. 

Like McCarthy, Schiff sees conspiracies that aren't there, touts evidence he doesn't have, and makes accusations he cannot prove. Like McCarthy, Schiff sits on a major congressional committee, and in that role he can intimidate witnesses, bury information that doesn't fit his duplicitous narrative, and further any hoax that he believes will work to partisan advantage. 

We watched Schiff lie repeatedly throughout the so-called investigation of "Russian collusion" (now proved to be a hoax by the Democrats' own Special Counsel). We heard him claim to have evidence (of collusion) that didn't exist. When Devin Nunes began to uncover clear and compelling evidence of the "soft coup" that is now known as Obamagate, it was Schiff who led the charge to bring him up on bogus ethics charges and quash the inquiry (every claim the Nunes made has been proven to be true). It was Schiff who told us repeatedly that Donald Trump obstructed justice (an impeachable crime) but never included that charge in articles of impeachment because he couldn't prove his lies. We watched as he plotted with a so-called "whistle blower" (actually a Democrat plant) and then backed away when his duplicity was uncovered. We watched as he withheld sworn "secret" testimony that conflicted with his dishonest narrative. We saw him head the charge for a patently ridiculous impeachment inquiry and then lose ignominiously in the Senate.  He is a bad guy.

It's telling that the Democrat's and their trained hamsters in the media laud Schiff and have elevated him as a leader of the party. It's incredible that not a single Democrat has suggested that his bald-faced lies may not be appropriate or helpful to their party. If Schiff is an example of a man who the Dem's gladly put in a leadership position, they truly do not deserve to lead.

In pondering Schiff's serial dishonesty and the damage it has done to the country, I've concluded that politicians like Schiff pay no price for lying to the public. I'm not talking here about typical political spin—every pol does that. Rather, I mean knowingly lying when you are in possession of facts and evidence that prove the opposite of what you're saying. I'm talking about blatant  dishonesty that is intended to ruin reputations or destroy a political opponent when there are no facts or evidence to support your lies. Further, I'm talking about cherry picking witnesses and then prepping them without acknowledging that you have done so. In such cases I have a modest proposal:
IF a person is an elected official at the federal level OR an appointee in a senior governmental position (e.g., Secretary of State, DNI, Director of the FBI, Head of the IRS), THEN pronouncements and claims made by that person to the media or while making public appearances should be considered as testimony under oath.
If it is later proven that the person knowingly lied and/or was aware of solid information that directly contradicted his pronouncements or claims, that person can be prosecuted for perjury. 

Why is it that a person can be jailed for answering questions when interviewed by the FBI (no oath required) or testifying before congress (oath required) but does not suffer criminal or civil penalties for lying to the very people he or she serves?

If legislation is crafted around my proposal (fat chance!), we can call it "The Piece of Schiff" Rule. I kinda like the ring of that.