The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Friday, July 24, 2020

A Poll of Sorts

The trained hamsters in the mainstream media can barely contain their glee as they report polling that indicates huge electoral leads for Democrat Joe Biden—a cognitively-disabled politician whose strategy is stay hidden, generally refuse to answer media questions, and speak in broad platitudes that are both inane and do not represent the direction that his political party will take him. The media, however, praises Biden strategy because their polls tell us he's winning. Maybe, but there's another much more reliable 'poll' that just might say otherwise.

First, a little context—something that the hamsters avoid like facts that don't fit their narrative.

Gun sales are at near-record levels. What is somewhat surprising is that many of the people who are buying guns are first-time buyers. They never had a gun in their home and may have even been anti-NRA, but they're buying now. 

It's reasonable to consider that simple reality as a poll of sorts. 

Roger L. Simon comments:
... I believe Trump has probably already won the election. (Okay, the weasel word “probably” is in there—we’re still some months out).

It should be obvious. Too many Americans are what Kurt Schlichter aptly calls “normals.” These people aren’t just white. They are brown and black and yellow and everything in between.

Some of them are friends and relatives and co-workers who aren’t saying a word about anything, who rarely ever do, who don’t want to get their cars keyed or something a whole lot worse to happen to them. But they are there.

Some of them even cringe at some of Trump’s presumed excesses, but they cringe more at the thought that police will not be there in an emergency for their families. And they’ve seen that happen all around.

They also despise the cancel culture because they are basically good human beings.

They don’t see a difference between “defund the police” or “redirect the funds” because political spin is as familiar to them as apple pie.

They may not have heard of Howard Zinn but they do not want to hear their country being bad-mouthed to their children in school. And they want their children to go to school.

These people, when they walk into the voting booth, are not going to be worrying about whether Christopher Columbus was or was not a racist or whether someone waved a Confederate flag at a NASCAR race.

They are going to be worry about whether they can walk their dog at night without fear of being shot.
They really, really don't like to be called "racists" or bad people because they won't capitulate to the insane demands of the left-wing woke mob. And yeah, because they work every day to keep food on the table and their families safe, they're also going to worry about their job, their wages, and the amount of money the government takes out of their paycheck. Finally, they're going to vote.

Pushback is coming.