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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Back-to-School -- II

The Democrats and their media hamsters, all charter members of Team Apocalypse, are desperately trying to keep our schools closed. Using pandemic porn as their driver, they make dishonest claim after dishonest claim, trying to convince the catastrophist wing of the general public that kids and teachers will die. For insurance, they argue that grandparents will wither and succumb to the grim reaper because their grandkids go to school. 

Unlike the leftist "activists" who become outraged over the use of the wrong pronoun, there is more than sufficient reason for the rest of us to be outraged by Team Apocalypse's lies about school re-opening.

Steve Welch comments:
For those who don’t get the outrage, let me try to put it in simple terms.

Yes, COVID-19 is dangerous, especially to our elderly population and those who are high-risk. Yes, there will be some young, healthy people who die from COVID, as is true with the 38,000 people who die from car accidents each year, or the 2,000 children who died last year from cancer.

As of June 17, 26 American children under the age of 15 have died from COVID. That is not a misprint: 26 children under the age of 15.[*]  By comparison, in the first six months of this year, an estimated 122 children under the age of 15 died from the flu, 536 children died in car accidents, and another 349 died in pool drownings. I don’t hear anyone saying we should stop putting kids in cars or letting them swim in pools.

We are stealing our children’s youth and ultimately will be stealing their adulthood, because they will lack the education and social skills to succeed, and we are saddling them with a greater and greater amount of debt as we destroy our economy. Disrupting schooling also forces parents to try to homeschool their children and work their job at the same time.

The effects will be more pronounced in poor communities that lack the technical infrastructure to allow children to access and be successful in distance learning. For the social justice warriors who have understandably been working for equal opportunity in society, this is the sword to die on.

Every person I know in his 70s—every single one—says kids should go back to school. I cannot imagine a single grandparent in this country who would not sacrifice isolating himself for the next six months so his grandchildren can have the joy of playing tag with their friends on the playground or dissecting a frog with their lab partners.

Yes, teachers are at greater risk than students. Doctors and nurses, many of whom are also high risk, continue to go to work every day treating actual COVID patients because that is their job. Individuals working in meat plants are keeping America fed, often under dangerous working circumstances.

Workers put themselves at risk by stocking the shelves at the supermarkets to ensure Americans survive. I cannot imagine teachers not willing to make the same sacrifices. Behind ensuring Americans have food, ensuring our children are well educated is a very close second in top priorities as a society.
And yet, Team Apocalypse is happy to keep it all shut down—let the kids be damned. After all, anything that destabilizes the body politic is a good thing for them. Elect a cognitively-disabled Joe Biden and it will all go away.

The Democrats along with their public sector union supporters seem willing to sacrifice our kids and grandkids education and psychological well-being to win an election. To say that's despicable doesn't even begin to cover it.

* There are about 60 million kids under the age of 15 in the United States. That means that the death rate is (get ready) 0.43 kids per million. As a percentage that's 0.0000433 percent! And yet, the Team Apocalypse fools tell us this is all about keeping kids safe. It isn't ... and even if it was, the numbers just don't a support their faux-concern.