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Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Have you noticed how often the Democrats' trained hamsters in the media use the adjective "peaceful" when describing the protests in Democrat cities like Seattle or Portland or New York or Minneapolis. Everything is PEACEFUL, every protester is PEACEFUL, the entire atmosphere is PEACEFUL. 

As the weeks passed following the George Floyd murder, things got a little less "peaceful" as the leftist "protestors" began committing acts of vandalism, then arson, then thievery and destruction, and finally violence and death. The hamsters were forced to add an adverb—"mostly peaceful." And when the "protesters" started to attack the police, it wasn't protestors' fault—the meany police officers and/or federal agents were the problem, not the protesters who by that time had morphed into a "mostly peaceful" violent mob. The classic in this genre is the BBC News (UK) headline: “27 police officers injured during largely peaceful anti-racism protests." There must be some number, say, "1000 police officers injured," that would allow the BBC to characterize the "protest" as "violent," but maybe not.

In Portland, the hard-left Democrat mayor has allowed effective mob rule every night since late May. He has instructed the police to accept vandalism, arson, thievery, and destruction, along with acts of violence, rather than protecting the citizens and businesses of his city. 

Enter Trump and Federal law enforcement when the mob decided to vandalize and then torch a federal court house. The Democrats, true to form, described Trump's actions as a "threat to Democracy." The poor "mostly peaceful protesters" (a.k.a., a leftist mob) were characterized as the victims in all of this. The Dems and their presidential candidate essentially showed solidarity with the extremist Antifa and BLM groups, hyperventilating over "Stasi-like tactics" employed by the feds and arguing that the federal government has no right to protect its property when local official refuse to do so. Uhhh, wasn't it the Stasi that was spawned by the Communist states that the leftists are trying to re-create here? Oops, never mind.

Critics have complained that federal agents obscure their identity and operate out of unmarked cars. Officers legitimately fear being identified by name and harassed at home, and their superiors have sometimes allowed them to obscure nameplates while still displaying their patches and badge numbers.

Meanwhile, protesters routinely dress in identical “black bloc” attire and obscure their faces. They’ve made a habit of swarming officers who attempt an arrest, creating chaos, and helping the suspect disappear. Unmarked cars help federal agents surveil the scene without attracting unwanted attention, and they also enable law enforcement to complete arrests by choosing a safe and opportune moment to make their move. Those arrested are read their Miranda rights and booked as usual.

We understand Mr. Trump’s desire to restore order, but he’s also saving Democrats from themselves. State and local Democrats will blame federal intervention for any and all disorder, deflecting attention from their own failures. The media will echo whatever they say. Progressives run Portland, Chicago, New York and other cities now experiencing a surge of violence. If they want to indulge the mayhem, then let them live with the consequences.
The consequences for the Dems are far more serious than chaos and burning buildings in blue cities. The nation is watching, and despite the gaslighting being done by Democrat mayors and governors and prominent members like Nancy Pelosi, it's pretty obvious that the Dems can't control their own crazies. In fact, it's even worse than that. Mayor and Governors in blue locals are cheering them on.

Voters observe the Dems sympatico reaction to what are clearly riots and rioters and extrapolate to the national scene. It's one thing to watch the chaos in Portland or Seattle as Democrat leaders look the other way or label it a "summer of love." It's something else altogether to think that under Dem leadership nationally, this could become not the exception, but the norm. And when Democrat leaders covertly endorse defunding the police (who protect those voters from all types of crazies), the rest of the story writes itself.

Pushback is coming.

UPDATE -- 1:
This is part of a pattern of how the [extreme] left works: Destroy the rule of law, the backbone of our free republic. Intimidate ordinary citizens into silence. Then support and elevate rule by power of unelected street thugs in Antifa and BLM. The meek may inherit the earth, but they won’t get the big cities.

None of what we’re seeing should be viewed as a surprise or some sort of accident. Far from it. The city’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, and Portland’s far-left city council, have not only permitted the violence, but enabled and encouraged it – just as mayors in Seattle, Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles have done.
Imagine for just a moment the media reaction if right-wing mobs were torching cities like Portland -- for 56-days straight! I don't think you'd see the word "peaceful" used one time—not one. And the Dem mayors of those cities? They be demanding federal intervention.

Oh, BTW, Portland, Oregon hasn't had a GOP mayor or city council since the 1950s.

UPDATE -- 2:
Kurt Schlichter considers all of this and writes about pushback:
What's next?

Well, next we normal people riot. 

But it will be a quiet riot. Not the mediocre eighties band either – and you will not feel the noize. It will be a wordless, marchless riot of normal people, and it will occur on November 3rd at the voting booth. We’re not going to burn, loot, and destroy our own stuff, the stuff we built and paid for. Also, we have jobs. No, we’ll riot with our ballots, electing Republicans down the line, while pillaging the Democrats and sowing their fields with salt.

That’s how we fight will back. Don’t miss the fun. If you aren’t registered, register. If you can’t make it to the polls, get an absentee ballot. Every hand, hold high your figurative pitchforks and torches! Burn baby, burn.
Heh. To borrow a phrase from the Bernie Bros, we will indeed "feel the "burn."

UPDATE -- 3 (7-23-2020)
Steven Green shows us a video of a Portland protester who, in attempting to set fire to the federal court house, sets himself on fire instead. His comment just about covers it:
... a peaceful protestor peacefully sets himself on fire while attempting to peacefully burn down a courthouse with peace in his peaceful little heart.
Yep. "Peaceful" all the way down.