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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Slowly and Quietly

The Jeffrey Epstein drama has many of the news elements that are a catalyst for wall-to-wall coverage from the main stream media—kinky under-age sex, a glamorous and very well connected female procurer (Ghislane Maxwell), money, mansions, and sex dungeons, a private Island (a.k.a., "Orgy Island"), heavy involvement of politicians and other glitterati, an obvious attempt by many in the justice system to bury the matter (e.g., here), and finally, a the very suspect "suicide" of Epstein while in Federal custody. 

And yet, although the media reports the surface of the story matter-of-factly, there is an amazing lack of interest in investigating these questions:
  • Why has there not been an independent media investigation of Epstein's "suicide?" You know, looking into the background and finances of the "guard" who somehow didn't guard; the camera that weren't operational; the cell-mate who just happened to be transferred. Stuff like that.
  • How exactly did Epstein amass his fortune (follow the money)? There has been absolutely no breakdown of Epsteins revenue stream that addressed where the money came from and how it was used.
  • Was Epstein extorting "investments" from billionaires who he had recorded having sex with underage girls?  Follow the money and then interview the investors.
  • Who specifically "invested" in Epstein's hedge fund or whatever it was? So far, there has been no list, why?
  • Where are the video tapes or digital media that were recorded in each of Epstein's many residences?  Ah ... the video tapes. Epstein had CCTV cameras in every room of his residences. Where are the 'tapes?'
  • How much money did Epstein contribute to political figures, and who are those political figures and political parties?  This is pivotal and has remained a mystery. If we know the answer to this question we know why all the other questions have remained unanswered.
  • Since many of the then-underage girls have now come forward, who specifically did they see during Epstein's many parties (orgies)? Has there been a figurative lineup of prominent figures for the girls to peruse? Have they been asked this question directly?
  • Who, other than Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz, hitched rides on Epstein's plane?  Flight logs must be files for an aircraft the size of Epstein's. Where are they and what do they reveal?
  • Why has Ghislane Maxwell NOT been offered a plea deal if she provides a detailed list of Epstein's guests, those who participated knowingly in under-age sexual relations, and those who invested in Epstein's business ventures? It's too late now for the media to interview her, but if the trained hamsters can get interviews with terrorists and fugitives of all kinds, why didn't they not try to track her down and get the real story?
But these questions are uninteresting to the hacks that populate the mainstream media. Their corporate masters, corrupt to the core, likely told them to look the other way, and like the trained hamsters they've learned to be, they are doing just that. 

It's almost as if they don't want the answers to these questions. And that itself leads to yet another question—why?

My guess—very important people, including more than a few very prominent Democrats and Democrat donors are involved. If the Epstein case actually involved a slew of GOP big wigs, the trained hamsters would have put every facet of this case under a microscope—no, an electron microscope.  Instead, they've taken a pair of binoculars, turned them backward, and then squint to see any details at all. Nothing to see there, move on.

Richard Fernandez tweets:

2020 has been the year that the rot of the elites has been exposed. They will do anything to maintain power and anything to protect their well-cultivated reputations. They purport to lead, but in reality, they care only about themselves. They act with impunity because they believe they have the connections, the money, and the political firepower to remain above the laws that the rest of us must abide by. 

Epstein, although hardly "elite," was a man who understood that the elites could be corrupted. His is an important story, but because the media is, if nothing else, the mouthpiece of the elites, it will undoubted die with far too many unanswered questions—slowly and quietly.