The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Friday, July 17, 2020

The Doorman

If Donald Trump's first term as president has taught the Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media anything at all, it's that they MUST continue to focus on their narrative. Stated as simply as possible, their narrative is the following: 
Trump and his supporters are racists who don't care about the "plight" of people of color; they reject "science," thereby putting the entire country into jeopardy due do the boogieman virus, COVID-19; they are "environmental criminals" who would prefer to see the "earth destroyed;" they are "Russian puppets" who "do the bidding" of Vladimir Putin; they are meanies who aren't playing nice with China and they are the tools of "the rich" and encourage "income inequality."
To reinforce and promote this narrative,* every hour of every day is spent ignoring hard facts that challenge the narrative, purposely avoiding any context that would have the public ask questions about the narrative, working overtime to change the subject when the narrative appears to weaken; assiduously avoiding any reporting that runs counter to the narrative, and, most important, outright lying (the term 'fake news' comes to mind) when the narrative is seriously threatened.

The strategy turns the media into a propaganda organ, and it works. After all, the polls indicate that Joe Biden, a cognitively-disabled swamp creature who has accomplished relatively little in his 40+ years in Washington, is going to win easily. Gosh, those would be the same polls that indicated the Hillary Clinton was going to win in a landslide in 2016. It appears that the Dems, never ones to learn from their mistakes, are already celebrating their victory in November. We'll see.

Biden, who I believe is unable to actually make decisions on his own, is rapidly becoming a tool of the hard-left. In essence, the Bernie Bros are grasping for power through the back door, using Biden as the doorman. Kim Strassel comments on all of this:
On Tuesday Mr. Biden released his $2 trillion climate-change plan—one of the few times he’s produced a detail on anything. It is radical—no surprise, since it is the product of a task force co-chaired by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Mr. Biden vows to outlaw all use of coal and natural gas to generate electricity within 15 years. He’d ban oil and gas production on federal land and offshore. He’d drive to “zero emissions” cars. He’d apply “aggressive” new “appliance- and building-efficiency standards.” He’d create a new “Environmental and Climate Justice Division” of the Justice Department to mete out “jail time” to corporate officials whose businesses “continue to pollute” communities.

Mr. Biden is promising to delete the jobs of millions of Americans—at a time of soaring unemployment. A study by the National Ocean Industries Association finds that a ban on offshore drilling alone would cost 200,000 jobs, damaging regional economies. Mr. Biden would overrun the nation with solar panels, wind turbines and charging stations. [On all personal level, I'm all for some of these things, but I don't want them mandated—I want the market to decide, not the Democrats.] Basic consumer choice would disappear for vehicles, dishwashers, even homes. The Justice Department would become a weapon against businessmen who run afoul of fast-changing progressive standards.

To make this happen, Mr. Biden endorsed a plan to kill the Senate filibuster, which requires 60 votes to move most legislation forward and has long served as a guardrail against drastic partisan proposals. He joined progressives this week in calling on a prospective Democratic majority to abolish it if Republicans don’t go along with his plans.
It appears that the Dems are perfectly happy re-applying something they've learned during the COVID-19 debacle—it's okay to destroy economic activity, to upend culture, to keep kids out of school, and to put the middle class workers at significant risk, as long as all of it results in their acquisition of power. Like Team Apocalypse in the first half of 2020, they've decided that their doorman, Joe Biden, can be manipulated into positions that are far from his self-defined "moderate" political stance. 

There was NOTHING moderate about Team Apocalypse. Their approach was and continues to stoke fear and ultimately hysteria across the land while adopting and encouraging extreme policies that increase debt and the size of government while accomplishing nothing that benefits the American people. Team Biden will follow suit.

* Each of the Dems' narrative points are demonstrably untrue. Hard facts and the administration's actions and accomplishments from 2017 to 2020 belie the narrative's claims, but none of that matters in the end.