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Saturday, September 26, 2020

A Response

Personally, I'm not in favor of email blasts that argue for one political candidate over another. They're often strident, sometimes inaccurate and generally a waste of bandwidth.

Having said that, I got one (forwarded by a friend) today that touted all of the accomplishments Donald Trump has achieved in the Middle East, with specific emphasis on Israel. Because it was forwarded, I also got a copy of an angry email response that went like this:

Don’t believe the Trump spin.  He has yet to denounce the actions of white suprematism in this country!  Those people hate the Jews!

Don’t send me anymore trump bullshit, he’s a terrible leader and this country is a mess because of him.  Frankly, I’m disappointed that you ...  feel strongly enough about him that you feel compelled to send me stuff in support of him.  

I urge you to think deeply about your vote and your support of Trump.  Do you want your grand daughter to grow up in a world where women don’t have the rights they do now?on’t believe the Trump spin.  He has yet to denounce the actions of white suprematism in this country!  Those people hate the Jews!

I don't know either the pro-Trump originator of the email or the sender of the angry response, but after reading the response, I couldn't help thinking how I'd respond if it was directed at me. Let me give it a try:

Thanks for your email. 

One thing I’ve noticed about those who hate, hate, HATE Donald Trump is that, like you, they’re very good at making baseless allegations of “racism” or "white supremacism" and then telling anyone who supports Donald Trump how “disappointed” they are in them. Bulletin: No one really cares about your disappointment … but whatever.  

The coup de grâce, they think, is to invoke grandchildren, as if somehow the socialist utopia espoused by their beloved Democrats would lead to a better life for the youngsters. History tell us all that simply isn’t the case (just ask virtually anyone who still lives in Venezuela).

And of course, if they and the Trump supporter are Jewish, then it's all about how “white supremacists” are anti-Semitic. But wait … the “new" Democratic party is approaching the same anti-Semitic stance. Check out the Democratic 2020 platform, or consider how leftists (and elected Democrats) like Keith Ellison, Rashida Talib, AOC, Ilhan Omar and Bernie Sanders are closet anti-Semites and proud anti-Israel activists. Or maybe it's how senior members of the Dems outright refuse to condemn their anti-Israel/anti-Semitic statements or their actions—that kind of anti-Semitism, right?

FYI, I have thought long and hard about the Dems vs. Trump. I cannot and will not abide a political party that took 3 months to condemn rioting (a.k.a. "mostly peaceful protests”) that destroyed black-owned businesses, killed innocent African Americans (think: David Dorn, or does his black life not matter") and terrorized white and black neighborhoods. I cannot support a party that cynically uses “racism” as a political bludgeon while the person they hate (Trump) has done more for Black and Latino people in 4 years than their candidate has done in 47 (think: lowest unemployment, highest wages, historic home ownership). I cannot support a party that is overtly anti-Israel, enthusiastically socialist, and overwhelmingly vicious (think: the politics of personal destruction levied on Bret Kavanaugh and the strong likelihood that more of the same will be used to cancel Judge Amy Coney Barrett). Nor can I support a political party that thinks virtue signaling is somehow more important than accomplishing things that actually help minorities.

Unlike you, I don’t want my grandchildren to grow up in a country where the authoritarian “woke" will cancel them if they oppose the left's latest progressive views, where skin color rather than merit and accomplishment are the most important aspect of a person, where Israel is sold down the river, and where a leftist mob is allowed to run free and define the latest narrative. 

But maybe it’s just me. We’ll see in November, won’t we?

Pushback is coming.