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Monday, September 14, 2020

Fantasy and Projection

Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media are good at a few things—among them fantasy thinking and projection. The prevailing Democrat fantasy is that Donald Trump will not accept the results of the 2020 election and will not leave office if he loses in November. In the fever swamps of progressive thinking, a "dictatorship" will take over the United States. Whether the Dems realize it or not, they are projecting their own dark thinking onto Trump.

Jonathan Tobin comments:

... there is a problem with [the Democrat's'] fulminations about the evil orange man installing the ­authoritarian regime liberals have been warning us about ever since he started running for president.

To wit: It’s all pure projection on their part.

For all of their frightening predictions of what Trump might do if he loses, the one thing we ­already know is that it is the Democrats who will, as Hillary Clinton advised Biden, never concede defeat. Though some of Trump’s trolling of the media and the left is interpreted as ­betraying his plans to overturn the results, Democrats have ­already shown us outright how they react to losing.

This time, Democrats won’t be relying on conspiracy theories or politicized investigations. Instead, they are counting on a strategy ­intended to scare Americans into voting for Biden — even if they have misgivings about handing over the government over to a confused figurehead and his radical supporters.

Democrats determined to treat November's election as illegitimate — unless they win.

That's not conjecture on Tobin's part. Top Democrats are actively involved in battlefield preparation, suggesting that a win by Trump could not possibly be legitimate and that it must be resisted. It doesn't matter whether it's the Russians, beleaguered mail carriers, or outer space aliens, Trump is "tampering" with the elections by suggesting that mail in ballots are rife with problems, including fraud.  So along with a non-stop flow of smears, hoaxes, fake news, and hysteria, not to mention obvious attempts to facilitate voter fraud, the Dems have all but stated that they will not concede.

But it gets worse. Behind all of their histrionics is an implied threat. Tobin explains:

After a summer of (ahem) “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter protests that unleashed violence and looting in American cities, most recently in Rochester, is there a shred of doubt in anyone’s mind that the same combination of elite liberals, criminal thugs and antifa Marxists would be deployed to burn and destroy the moment it appears that Trump might be winning?

Behind all that high-minded talk from pompous columnists about virtuous patriots stopping Trump from cheating is a brazen threat. They’re saying in effect: The same forces that have wrecked havoc in the name of a false charge that America is an irredeemably racist nation may well inflict even worse damage in order to ensure that Trump’s re-election is thwarted.

That’s the subtext of the talk from Biden supporters about democracy. Their ace in the hole isn’t an accurate count of the votes but the certainty that America’s cities will burn ­unless the electorate bows to their demands.

...  in what is likely to be a close election in a deeply ­divided country — immersed in a culture war about a largely false charge of racism — the real threat to the process isn’t a presidential spoilsport. It’s a Democratic Party that is fully prepared to unleash ruin on the nation if it loses again.

As I have stated many times in this space, the Dems, much to their discredit, have decided to grasp power by whatever means necessary. If that means the threat of civil unrest, so be it.

There's only one problem. Americans, outside blue enclaves where most of the recent mob violence has occurred, don't respond well the blatant threats. Pushback is coming.


The Dems' trained hamsters in the main stream media become hyper-agitated when there are reports that "the Russians" are attempting to sway our elections using a variety of disinformation campaigns. It fits perfectly into the Russian collusion hoax, so it plays big in the ongoing narrative. But when China or Iran uses disinformation to sway the election in favor of Joe Biden—not so much.

Adam Credo reports:

Iran is behind an ongoing series of hack attacks and online disinformation campaigns meant to influence the 2020 U.S. presidential election and boost Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The Islamic Republic is betting on Biden's campaign, according to regional experts and U.S. officials tracking the country's efforts to sway the presidential contest. Tehran has engaged in cyber espionage operations targeting President Donald Trump's campaign since late 2019, cyber experts say. It also has joined adversarial regimes such as Russia and China in waging online disinformation campaigns on social media as part of a larger effort to polarize voters and sow discord across America.

Iran's efforts include amplifying anti-Trump voices in its state-controlled news outlets and creating false online personas to elevate similar material. Both Facebook and Twitter have moved in recent months to remove a litany of false accounts that they say were controlled mainly by Iran, Russia, and China. These countries have promoted disinformation about the coronavirus pandemic and critiques of Trump's response. The sophistication of these attacks has ranged from advanced stealth efforts to infiltrate the campaign and elected officials to more amateurish campaigns promoting propaganda via a slew of false social media accounts.

Joe Biden (well, Joe is clueless, but his handlers) should be proud that his buddies among the Mullahs are giving him a hand. After all, he and Barack Obama paid big-time (billions of dollars) for the help.