The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Friday, August 25, 2023

Echos in the Distance

The left wing majority of the Democratic Party began its current political viciousness with the upset of their female icon, Hillary Clinton, and the election of Donald Trump. As they saw their grip on executive power disappear after 2016 election, they called upon their covert operatives within the DoJ, the FBI and the three letter intelligence agencies to destroy the object of their hatred, aided by their trained hamsters in the propaganda media. Hillary's people created the Russian collusion hoax, subcontracting its execution over to the DoJ, the FBI, and others within the deep state. The propaganda media ran with it, creating lies that are still believed by many Democrats to this day.

But the real viciousness began as the Dems realized they were losing their grip on SCOTUS. Their repugnant behavior during the Bret Kavanaugh hearings, where they tried (and failed) to destroy a good man's reputation and life with preposterous accusations. Their behavior indicated just how craven they could be. I commented on it at the time (e.g., here, here, and here).

And yesterday, in what can only be characterized as yet another vicious (maybe "craven" is a better adjective) move, Fulton County DA Fani Wallace (an elected Democrat in a Democratic stronghold) demanded that an ex-President of the United States be made to stand for a mug shot and post bail for a legally laughable RICO indictment that smacks more of political retribution than observance of the "rule of law." 

I'm sure that many Dems cheered as the object of their hatred was humiliated, but I also suspect that at least a few felt uneasy. Those few recognize that with each line that is crossed, with each time the political viciousness is ratcheted upward, with each attempt to destroy a political opponent, the phrase "retribution" echos in the distance.

And for those morons who crow on CNN or MSNBC, or write in the NYT and WaPo, or compose long pseudo-intellectual articles lauding the "rule of law" being applied to "threats to democracy" in the Nation or The Atlantic, a word of caution might be in order. 

Now that lines have been crossed. Now that precedent has been obliterated. Now that ex-presidents are paraded into a jail and forced to post bail. Now that mug shots are gleefully published across the land, the echos of the old aphorism—Revenge is a dish best served cold—can be heard ever so faintly moving across a future political landscape. 

And when retribution happens—and it will—the same morons who celebrate political viciousness today will scream bloody murder and argue that their opponents are to be condemned for their acts of retribution. They'll forget that they are the ones who crossed the lines and obliterated past precedent, establishing a new viciousness that is anything but just. 

And although the retribution that is sure to come will be very bad for our country, at some level many of us will experience schadenfraude as the past perpetrators of the new viciousness get to experience it first hand.