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Monday, March 18, 2024

Pyramid of Lies—Part II

In my post, entitled Pyramid of Lies, I discussed the mendacious propaganda used by anti-Israel activists and their leftist supporters. They fabricate an ahistorical record of the region and accuse Israel of "atrocities" in a largely successful effort to memory hole actual atrocities committed by the terrorist death cult, Hamas. 

Robert Garboyes provides useful insight into the process that allows Hamas and it's leftist friends, along with their thousands of media enablers, to make the propaganda work. He described things this way:

  1. FABRICATION: Hamas concocts Accusation X out of lies, half-truths, and wild exaggerations;
  2. AMPLIFICATION: UN, NGO, and media shills trumpet and augment Accusation X;
  3. VILIFICATION: Accusation X goes viral, and outraged readers—antisemitic, gullible, or both—rage in the streets;
  4. EXONERATION: Accusation X begins to fall apart as exculpatory evidence emerges;
  5. PRESTIDIGITATION: As a con artist plays his shell game, Hamas issues Accusation Y to distract attention from the disintegration of Accusation X;
  6. BOWDLERIZATION: As the tide of evidence rises in Israel’s favor, some news outlets quietly edit or delete the now-discredited Accusation X from their sites. Some issue half-hearted, little-read retractions. Some just leave the incendiary libels out there in perpetuity. But, with Accusation Y now dominating the news cycles, Israel’s exoneration on Accusation X is barely perceived.
  7. REFABRICATION: As Accusation Y begins to crumble, Hamas gins up Accusation Z. 

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Garboyes process description is on-target and could easily be added as layers within my Pyramid of Lies. But I think his characterization of those who buy into this heinous propaganda as "anti-Semitic or gullible" is only half-accurate. 

There's little doubt that "pro-palestinan activists and the anti-Israel leftist supporters are (at their core) anti-Semitic. If they were not, you wouldn't see placards reading "from the river to the sea" advocating the extermination of Jews and their country at virtually every "pro-palestine" demonstration. You wouldn't have leftist mobs spray painting anti-Semitic slogans on Jewish businesses in New York City. Businesses, by the way, that have no relationship whatsoever with the Hamas-Israel war but are undoubtedly Jewish. Krystallnacht, anyone?

But gullible? Hardly. Deep down, anti-Israel activists know that FABRICATION is going on, but they look at that activity as a weapon of war—all the better to destroy a tiny Jewish State that exists in their midst and infuriates/humiliates them with its democracy, it's economic success, and its powerful military. 

And the Left along with its media puppets? They're not gullible—a characteristic that is far too kind and implies an innocent belief in bad information. Rather, they are fantasy thinkers who suffer from victim envy. They adopt the outright fantasy that Israel is a "colonizer" and an "oppressor" of palestinian victims. As such, they fervently believe the FABRICATION because it fits their fantasy worldview. And when reality collides with fantasy and EXONERATION occurs, they're the first to adopt REFABRICATION.

Sadly, there is no stopping this. The only way for Israel to prevail is to do what it's doing. To refuse to allow the useful idiots in the West to change its course. Ultimately, Israel must destroy the infrastructure that allows Hamas to do what it does. Even then, Jew hatred will remain strong in the Arab Crescent. 

The road forward will not be easy, but following the voices who think cease-fires and negotiation with hard men who want you dead is a formula for survival is a recipe for fools.