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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Election Day

Chris Stirewalt summarizes election day:
America leads the world by many measures. And surely one of them is in taking gifts for granted. And there at the top of the list of blessings seldom counted is that miracle: that for 227 years Americans have governed themselves and done so mostly with wisdom, temperance and justice.

It would be the envy of all the world if everyone in the world could even conceive of such a possibility. But for those who can dream of a place in which leaders peacefully step aside at the decision of the people – where the law, not men, rules – today is an amazement.

We have complained bitterly about this year’s election. And we no doubt have had cause. Promiscuous dishonesty, cruelty, fear mongering, hate, conspiracy and an arrogant disregard for the most important issues facing the nation.

We have watched the individuals and institutions tasked with keeping the republic – the parties, the candidates, the press, the justice system – fail to live up to their duties. Some of it has been just dereliction. Some of it has been intentional harm.

And for that, we all share some the blame. We have learned to settle for less when only the best should do. We have shrugged off corruption and cruelty within a system bought with the blood and toil of a dozen generations. We have all been unworthy of our heritage, even if only by standing silent in the face of the abuses of others.

But still, 2016 is a gift.
I promise not to "stand silent in the face of abuses by others." You should too.