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Friday, November 11, 2016

Just Like Magic

I'm tellin' ya'—it's just like magic. Three days after his election to the presidency, and Donald Trump has already accomplished one thing that is good for the country.

The trained hamsters in the media have already jumped off their little rotating mesh wheels, grown sharp teeth, and begun to do what they should have been doing for the past eight years—their job! As I predicted months ago, the media will keep a Trump administration in check—and that's a very good thing.

CNN reporter Andrew Kaszynski is representative. He tweets: "Good aggressive investigative journalism – not puff pieces based off access to Trump or interviews with him – is more important than ever."

Wow! What a revelation! What integrity! What professionalism! Kaszynski is either too stupid or too ideological to understand the irony embodied in his tweet.

At least one element of the Trump victory was a repudiation of the trained hamsters, their blatant bias, and the clear evidence that they hid facts—the failures and dishonesty that might have caused Obama and the Democrats to change course and save their "legacy." Instead, they allowed bad decisions and bad policy to go unchallenged. Richard Fernandez describes this when he writes:
The corruption of the mainstream media did nothing more than open the doors to disaster [for the Democrats]. By turning the MSM into an adjunct of the progressive cause they [The Dems] stilled the last voices that would tell them the truth. By election day there was no one left to warn them and bam! they walked right into it.
The mainstream media refused to do "good aggressive investigative journalism" and instead relied on "puff pieces" that protected Obama, Hillary, and the Dems, trying to make them look good in a pathetically ineffective (we now know) effort to influence the election. They, as much as any other entity, were responsible for the Trump wave.

And now, aggressive journalism returns. Just. Like. Magic.