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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Protected Class

Among the many things that progressives do well is to create protected classes—people of color, people belonging to an approved religion, people of a specific gender or those who are gender fluid. Under the increasingly repressive laws of political correctness, one is allowed to discuss a protected class only in very specific and controlled ways.

For reasons that are not at all clear, the Left, along with a majority of progressive politicians, now consider 1.6 billion Muslims—nearly a quarter of the word's population—as a protected class.  This collides with Donald Trump's assertion that some members of Islam are dangerous and should be prohibited from immigrating to the United States. Trump never suggested any action against Muslim citizens or legal residents of the U.S., but after observing the chaos that has overtaken Europe, his position is to restrict immigration, something that is absolutely not a right, human or otherwise. Progressives have proceeded to brand the president-elect a "racist" and suggested that Muslims already in the US are living "in fear."

Because Islam is a protected class, it seems that any discussion of Islam that questions its basic tenets or suggests that those tenets lead some to extreme violence is verboten. Anyone who suggests, for example, that the tenets of Islam and ISIS are inextricably connected is labeled as "Islamophobic." Left-wing politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been so focused on the protected class that they refuse to use any adjective that connects terror and Islam in one phrase. They argue that we must work with Muslims to combat "violent extremism" (note the words) and that if we speak frankly about the intersection of Islam with terror and violence, we will alienate Muslims. This is nonsense and contradicts their primary premise—that Muslims are peaceful and accepting of the West. If, in fact, their premise is true, then why would Muslims not want to rid our country and the world of their co-religionists who are violent, radical, and anti-Western. The progressive argument does not make sense.

In many posts on this blog I have suggested that the West should demand that Islam reform itself. It is not up to us the find a solution to Islamic terror, it is up to Muslims to purge Islamists from their midst. But when truly moderate Muslims suggest reformation, the Left ostracizes them, calls them names, and refuses to listen. One such moderate Muslim is Ayann Hersi Ali, a true hero in the war against radical Islamic terror. Her position is not only intelligent, it is irrefutable. The following video is very important:

Donald Trump should invite Hirsi Ali to the White House in his first 100 days. He should listen carefully to what Ali recommends and initiate policies to reshape the battlefield against radical Islam. The world will be a far better place if Hirsi Ali's words become the basis for doctrine.