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Monday, December 12, 2016

A Different Russian Hack

The trained hamsters in the mainstream media are all aflutter over the claimed Russian hack of the DNC and Clinton campaign computers. If it in fact did happen in the way the administration and CIA claim, it's serious, but absolutely not anything that negates Donald Trump's upset victory over Hillary Clinton.

It's also fascinating that a far, far more serious hack of the White House computers in 2014, attributed to the Russians, was generally ignored by the main stream media ... but after all, that was just before congressional elections and Barack Obama and crew needed to be protected. The conservative Powerline blog explains:
The White House’s computers were down for weeks because of the intrusion by a “foreign power,” which the administration finally identified as Russia. It wasn’t just the White House, either; it was the entire Executive Office of the President, which comprises a good chunk of the executive branch. Nor was that all: the State Department’s computer system was hacked, too.

While we pounded away at the story, the White House refused to respond to our inquiries. The Washington press corps, which must have known that the White House’s computers were out of action, maintained a discreet silence, declining to write about the Russian hack, even though many D.C. reporters no doubt followed the story on Power Line. Why the coy silence? Because it was October 2014, weeks before the midterm elections, and the story reflected poorly on the Obama administration, which didn’t even discover the intrusion itself. It turned out that American officials were alerted to the Russian hack of the White House and State Department by an unidentified ally (I’m guessing Israel).
So when you listen to a talking head on CNN or a writer at the NYT hyperventilate about this Russian hack, ask yourself why this one is earth shatteringly important, but a direct hack of the Executive Office of the President in 2014 got virtually no media attention.