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Monday, January 02, 2017

Moral Preening Mode

Now that the new year has arrived, we'll begin to see the army of A-List entertainers go into moral preening mode as Donald Trump's inauguration approaches. Already, many have refused to entertain at inaugural events. The horror!

Karol Marcowicz tells us about this and about a plan by uber-progressive, Robert Reich*:
Few performers seem willing to step up and entertain the country when the new president is sworn in on Jan. 20. With the news last week that opera singer Andrea Bocelli had bowed to pressure and dropped out of the Inauguration Day concert, and with a member of the Rockettes leading a social-media rebellion against performing for the president, Kid Rock is currently the biggest name scheduled to appear.

And liberals are giddy. Because they still don’t get it.

Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s labor secretary who has transformed himself into the Michael Moore of Facebook, is promoting something called the Freedom United Concert to air at the same time as the inauguration. The concert would benefit all the usual liberal charities and Reich hopes to get big names like Jay-Z and Madonna to perform. “Presto,” he writes. “The Trump inauguration loses all the TV ratings. Basically, no one watches it.”

That’ll show him.
I suppose it's far too much too expect that progressive entertainers would recognize that their efforts on behalf of Hillary Clinton did nothing to push her to victory. Their influence is illusory. No one really cared whether Beyonce held a concert to boost Clinton's anemic attendance numbers at some campaign event. No one gave a damn that some chi chi designer announced she would refuse to provide dresses for Melania Trump. Frankly, few people give a damn about the political positions of celebrities—mainly because most of these glitterati are ill-informed and sometimes, dumb as rocks. But their "political" efforts do make them feel good about themselves in a moral preening kind of way, and I suspect that's the most important thing.

It's likely that social justice warriors will conduct street protests in Washington on inauguration day and do everything possible to disrupt the event. The trained hamsters of the main stream media will cover every homemade sign, every police confrontation, and will breathlessly suggest that it's all Trump's fault. They'll pray for tear gas and hope that someone gets hurt, preferably a person of color or a gray-haired woman. The protests are, of course, their right. In fact, I encourage them to do even more.

After all, there are 62 million "deplorables" and an ever-increasing number of others (even some Democrats) who now, after the wreckage wrought by the Obama years, want to give Trump a chance. The never-ending "protests" essentially tell every one of these millions that they're "irredeemable" for voting for Trump and for countenancing his presidency. The more that progressive entertainers and SJWs insult their fellow citizens, the longer they'll be in the political wilderness.


*Interestingly, Reich and I were seated together in business class on a cross-country flight out of San Francisco during the Clinton years. He's actually a nice guy and we had an enjoyable and wide ranging conversation as we flew from SFO to JFK. But when I noted that I had trepidation about the then newly proposed NAFTA's affect on American jobs, he was emphatic: "NAFTA will result in a net-increase in jobs!" he proclaimed. Okay, then.