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Friday, May 15, 2020

Barr None

Just once during the Trump era, it would be nice to see the Democrats act like the leaders they claim to be. A leader recognizes that that government corruption is a cancer that will ultimately lead to the destruction of a nation. He or she further recognizes that uncovering and eliminating that corruption is in the long-term benefit of their party, even if it was members and/or sympathizers of their party (and only their party) that participated in the corruption. Instead, the Dems continue to work to keep corruption hidden, to attack anyone or any entity that tries to bring said corruption to light, and to manufacture dishonest counter-narratives to confuse and obfuscate the harsh truth. 

To wit, partisans within the Democrat party—infuriated that they lost an election they expected to win—manufactured a document (with the Russians!!) that was used to allege Russian collusion by Trump. They used it to railroad key officials (Michael Flynn comes to mind) in the incoming Trump administration. They were acting with the knowledge of the outgoing Obama administration whose complicity in what amounted to a soft coup is yet unknown. The document was used by Democrat partisans within the FBI, the DoJ and select intelligence agencies as a catalyst for a years-long witch hunt that resulting in nothing. The witch hunt also lead to a phony impeachment that was conducted as the threat of a world wide pandemic began.

You'd think that the "leaders" in the Dem party would be concerned and would act accordingly. Instead, they double down on dishonesty, venality, and duplicity.

AG William Barr is their latest target. Barr had the courage to pull the lid off the rancid machinations of  some Democrat leaders and partisans over the past 3+ years. And now, following their tiresome playbook, the Dems and their trained hamsters in the media are vilifying Barr. 

Kim Strassel comments:
... instead of applauding Mr. Barr for divulging these facts, the Beltway has responded with ire. Mr. Barr’s transparency threatens to reveal further that the Russia-collusion narrative was pure fantasy, to puncture the self-righteousness of the likes of Mr. Comey and his scribes, to question the appropriateness of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, and to expose how hatred of Donald Trump drove people of power to break rules and destroy norms. Thus the vicious campaign to undermine Mr. Barr’s credibility, an operation that has now been joined not only by Democrats and the press, but also by Justice Department alumni and even the federal judge presiding over Mr. Flynn’s case ...

The press spent all week flogging an open letter from 1,900 former Justice Department employees calling on Mr. Barr to resign for having “assaulted the rule of law” by withdrawing the charges against Mr. Flynn. Never mind that this crew is an insignificant fraction of the tens of thousands of former department employees who didn’t sign a letter. Many stories also conveniently neglected to mention that the letter was organized by Protect Democracy, a nonprofit formed in 2017 by former counsels for President Obama.

The proof of the skullduggery behind these attacks and press stories is in the name they don’t mention: U.S. Attorney Jeff Jensen. He’s the man Mr. Barr tapped in January to review the Flynn case, and who made the recommendation to withdraw the charges. Career prosecutors worked on the withdrawal brief. No one has dared suggest Mr. Jensen is anything but a fine lawyer—because they can’t. He spent 10 years at the FBI and 10 as a career prosecutor. His involvement refutes the critics’ assertion that this was a “politicized” decision by Mr. Barr on behalf of Mr. Trump. So they’ve excised him—and the career prosecutors—from the story.

Then there’s Judge Emmet Sullivan’s decision to join the smear campaign against Mr. Barr. Rather than grant the prosecution’s request to withdraw the Flynn case, Judge Sullivan appointed a retired judge, John Gleeson, to oppose the effort and to investigate whether Mr. Flynn engaged in perjury—an offense with which he wasn’t charged—by changing his plea. Mr. Gleason is singularly unsuited for this task. A former prosecutor, he once worked alongside Mueller “pit bull” Andrew Weissmann, who as a member of Mr. Mueller’s team helped railroad Mr. Flynn. And Mr. Gleeson has admitted his palpable bias in a Washington Post op-ed this week that urged Judge Sullivan to deny the prosecution motion and leave Mr. Flynn’s conviction in place ...

The bright light in this morass of rough justice and partisan slander is Mr. Barr himself. He knew what was coming and appears unfazed and unwilling to be rolled into meekness. The country is lucky to have a top law-enforcement officer who cares more about justice and his department’s reputation than about the former officials who abused its power. The more they howl, the more obvious their guilt.
The only people who continue to believe that all of these allegations are made up, that no wrong-doing occurred, that an attempt to undermine an newly-elected president didn't occur, that Democratic leaders (think: Schiff) didn't lie repeatedly, and that once discovered, a cover-up didn't happen are fantasy thinkers. Sadly, a significant percentage of the Democrat party fall into that category. That alone is sufficient reason to argue that the Democrats do not deserve to lead.