The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


After Donald Trump's upset victory over Hillary Clinton in November, the media appeared to be reflective. After all, their anti-Trump bias was so obvious and so blatant, some believed that a significant percentage of pro-Trump voters cast their ballots not so much for the man, but as a "giant F.U." to the media. I think there's some truth to that. There were long faces among many in the main stream media as they tried to "understand" what happened, but all of that lasted for about a minute.

Glen Reynolds of Instapundit likes to say that the main stream media is actually a collection of "Democratic operatives with bylines." Nothing could be closer to the truth. Regular readers of this blog know that I refer to many within the main stream media as "trained hamsters," doing the bidding of their Democrat overlords while they run endlessly and mindlessly on a rotating wheel of pro-Democrat, anti-GOP stories, getting nowhere and benefiting no one.

There is nothing in the "news" that has happened in the last few weeks to indicate that the media has changed it ways. First, the crazy obsession with a "hacked" election—a not so subtle suggestion that Donald Trump's presidency is illegitimate. And now, the equally crazy allegations of sexual escapades (again in Russia!) intended to sully Trump's character.

Daniel Henninger
A standard journalistic defense for publishing, or reporting on, the sort of thing BuzzFeed put on the web Tuesday night about Donald Trump’s alleged compromise by the Russians is that “the people” ultimately will sort it all out. You could say the same thing about tornadoes.

Conventional wisdom after the election held that the media had been chastened by its coverage of the campaign, that it had learned to be more careful about separating facts from the media bubble.

The past week’s news, if one still can call it that, was bookended by two Trump files. The first was the intelligence community report that Russia’s hack of the presidential election favored Mr. Trump. The second was a salacious opposition-research file on Mr. Trump published by BuzzFeed, which says it is about “trending buzz.” Below the site’s Trump-in-Russia stories Wednesday sat, “Lauren Conrad Just Posted The Most Adorable Photo Of Her Baby Bump.”

No one has learned anything.
In actuality, there is nothing shocking about the media circus that will be an on-going part of Donald Trump's presidency. Whether it's a talking head suggesting that Trump's offer to donate any profits from his Washington hotel to the U.S. Treasury is somehow a nefarious plot to enrich the billionaire even further, or the Buzzfeed attempt at character assassination, what the "deplorables" see is the Left and their trained media hamsters in a deep hole in which they continue to dig.

In a way, it all goes back to the Boy Who Cried Wolf fable. The media has manufactured, exaggerated, and otherwise spun so much vicious, anti-Trump garbage, that even if there is a true scandal, it will be discounted by millions. And yet, other millions have decided that Trump is the devil and that his destruction by any means is justified.

Henninger offers a word of warning:
When people played on real pinball machines, everyone knew that if you banged on the machine too hard, it would lock up. It would “tilt.” Because so many once-respected institutions are behaving so badly, the American system is getting close to tilt.
The Left and their trained hamsters have no fear of banging on the machine. It's what they do. In fact, now that the electorate has removed them from power at virtually every level, a tilt is exactly what they now want. They may very well get it.